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Remove unnecessary space between microflow actions


Just like the automatically created room for a new action, I would like to be able to right-click between two microflow actions, select "remove unused space" and have Mendix remove the unnecessary spacing inbetween the two actions. Especially when microflows grow larger this would replace having to zoom out, select the actions you want to move and then adjusting everything by hand.

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Agreed, exclusive splits are always too small!


It would also be fantastic if there were an 'allign' function in the right click menu where all the actions in a microflow were moved in linear allignment (as measured from the midpoint of the action icon) to the left-most action.  That way microflow lines could be quickly made straight after adding a number of elements to the flow.


It would be nice if I could set the sizing ovaral to a specific amount. When using an exclusive split I always have to give the microflow a bit more room.