Input options for an enumeration

I have an enumeration that is quite large, has over 200 items.  I don’t want to make it an entity because it’s a list that will never change, but I may have to.   Using a drop down on the form is not very user friendly.  I tried the AutoCompleteForMendix widget but it ties to an entity, not an attribute.  I searched the app store but did not find anything else. Ideally it would be something like the AutoComplete but would allow pulling from an enumeration because autocomplete allows the user to start typing in the dropdown and then select the item they want, which is much more user friendly than a regular dropdown. Ideas?
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Hi Ryan,

There is no widget for it at the time and not really a great option, however, if you combine it with Mx model reflection you might be able to create something with the current widget and not having to create your own widget.

The Mx model reflection logic captures the enum values + keys in the MxObjectEnum/MxObjectEnumValue/MxObjectEnumCaptions entities. 

Combine that with a java action that converts the selected enum value back into an actual enum (which is essentially just passing in the MxObjectEnumValue.Name attribute and then returning it) should give you the ability to implement a more user-friendly enum value selector.

Good luck,