Triggering microflow to update count

Hi,  I’m designing functionality to accept a scan input and increment the count and having some issues with the count.  There’s other functionality as well, but I’ve removed everything else to try to determine where the issue is. So currently I have a keyboard shortcut button to trigger a javascript microflow button on Enter. The scanner is programmed to include Enter. The Javascript microflow button runs the microflow which updates the count using $QuantityDisplay/Count + 1.   If scans are entered in succession at a decent, but reasonable speed, counts are missed and occasionally counts jump to a random number (usually less than the actual count).  This happens much more frequently on the server than when running locally. The QuantityDisplay entity was persistable and was committing. I’ve now changed to non-persistable but still having the same issues. I have also removed the scanner from the equation and tested by just typing in a character and still have the same problems. Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this or perhaps another approach I could use to read the scan and trigger the count update (and other functionality).  Thank you!  
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