Zebra Handheld Scanner Integration in a Mendix React Native app

Hello Everyone! I’m on a mission to integrate and control a zebra handheld barcode scanner in a React Native app. I know that it’s possible to integrate using datawedge to input the content as a keyboard buffer where the cursor is, but we don’t want something like this as a solution knowing that we could do something better than this, (that would be the last option). We want to control the scanner backgrounded, using the device button triggers with no necessities of having a cursor placed on a text box in the screen.  Did someone passed through this scenario?  Thanks!
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I did this for a different technology (not Mendix) using a Cordova Plugin.

I believe you can do a similar approach in Mendix as it also uses Cordova plugins.

See this documentation/code: https://github.com/darryncampbell/DataWedgeCordova.

You have to incorporate this code in Mendix. He has demos, which you can see and use.


Hi all, We have built a standard component to solve this topic for our customers with Mendix Native Mobile! Are you interested to set-up a call about this?