App (via URL Custom Domain) doesnt start immediately (site not reachable)

Hi all, We have a new Mendix-app that is going live soon. For the production environment we use an alternative URL (via a Custom Domain). The issued certificate has been properly registered in Mendix-set-up and is valid. Quite often, when logging in via Chrome, the login screen of the app doesn't appear directly, however an empty browser screen shows up with the message ‘This site isn't reachable … Please reload'. Most of the time, this message disappears automatically within two seconds and the login screen of the app is presented. Sometimes, you have to press the Reload-button to get the login screen. Occasionally, login via the alternative URL works without any reachability problems. We have checked the issued certificate and the reachability of the site (via UptimeRobot) and everything seems okay. Note: when logging in via the normal Mendix-URL (https://<APPNAME> this problem doesn't occur, so in my humble opinion it has something to do with the URL/DNS. Any ideas on how to explain/solve this problem?   Regards, René    
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