Issue: Continuously receive the following error: for a button that simply needs to bring everything back to the sign-in page

We are trying to create a super simple button that brings us from an overview page back to our landing signup page (but continuously receive this error) How to fix? Help much appreciated
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Hi Boris,

Your Login_Overview page has a dataview on it for a Login object. But you will need to have to Login object available for the user to show this page, because it isn't avaible  on the page the user currently is. So you need to figure out how a user can obtain the correct Login object to show that page.

That's possible though a nanoflow or microflow, where you Retrieve the Login object first and then with a Show Page action passes this object to the page. Think about data flowing through your application and when the right data is available.

Or perhaps modify your dataview on Login_Overview with microflow as datasource where you create a Login object as needed.