Is there a workaround to have multiple data views with multiple entities on a page ?

Hello ,  I am new to Mendix and struggling to have big text displays just like on a Dashboard . The catch is I need to pull aggregate numbers from different entities.   Thanks and Regards, Abhishek
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I think what you are trying to achieve can be implemented in this way;
Assuming your entities (multiple) have some attribute values which you want to display on a single page, you should create a parent entity for all these entities. Let’s call the parent entity a Dashboard. Now on startup you need to create a dashboard object if it does not already exists (Object is created only one time). Associate dashboard with all other entities. Now you can use a page with dashboard object context, and inside it you can display data from the associated entities. 

Another option could be to use data view with microflow data source. And set each data view independently with its own source that fetch the respective entity