Close button on a page saves changes instead of Cancel

I have created a simple microflow which creates a new object and passes it into a page (without committing the object).  When i click on Save button it commits the object. When i click on Cancel button it does not commit the object( which is exactly what should happen) However if i click on the close page button on the top right corner of the page it simply closes the page and commits the object which is not right! I want the close button to work exactly the way a Cancel button works. Is there a way to fix this?
2 answers

You can change the action of the X button on the top right of a pop-up page to do the same as one of the buttons on the page. There are 2 things you can check:

  1. Is the action associated with the X button (accidentally) set to save? If so, change it to the cancel button.
  2. Are you sure the object is committed? Please check whether it is actually stored in the database, because it might be that the object is still in memory and therefore looks like it is committed on the page you see after closing the pop-up. 
    1. If it’s not committed, I think the X button only closes the page and doesn’t rollback any changes made.
    2. If it is in de database, then check Andreas’ answer. You might solve this by creating manual cancel and save microflows. Let me know if you need help with that. 

Is there a file uploader on this page? Files are always committed when a button is clicked.