3D pictures in Mendix? Interacting with 3D pictures?

Hello everyone,  does someone know if it’s possible to integrate 3D pictures in Mendix? For example a 3D building picture, which user can interact with and for examle turn it arrount to see how the bulding looks like from every side and click on a window and get the info which glas is used for this window? Is it possible to create the 3D models using mendix or should the 3D models be external files, which you can upload to mendix? Is there any specific file versions which are possible to be uploaded to an Mendix app? Is it possible to add the 3D models which are built with react.js to a Mendix project?   Thank you very much in advance for answering!
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Hi there! Integrating 3D pictures into a Mendix app is an interesting idea! While Mendix primarily focuses on low-code development for web and mobile applications, you can indeed incorporate 3D content into your Mendix app with some considerations:

3D Models: You can create 3D models externally using software like Blender, Maya, or others, and then export them in formats such as .obj, .fbx, or .glb/gltf. These formats are commonly used and should be suitable for uploading to a Mendix app.

Viewer Integration: To enable user interaction with 3D models, you might need to use third-party 3D viewers or libraries that support the formats mentioned above. Popular libraries include Three.js for JavaScript-based apps.

React.js Integration: It's possible to integrate React.js components into a Mendix project, but you may need to manage the communication between the Mendix app and the React.js component carefully. You can use the "Web Content" widget in Mendix to embed external web content, like your React.js-based 3D viewer.

File Version: The compatibility of 3D file versions will depend on the viewer and the libraries you choose to work with. Ensure your chosen viewer supports the file format and version you're using.

Information Pop-ups: Adding interactivity like clicking on windows for additional information should be feasible with JavaScript-based libraries. You'll need to handle the logic for these interactions within your Mendix app.

Remember, while it's technically possible to integrate 3D glass content into Mendix, it might require custom development and expertise in web technologies like JavaScript, React.js, and 3D graphics. Ensure you have the necessary skills or resources to implement such a feature effectively.


You can do this using JT format 3d models. There is a 3D viewer for Mendix which is available in the marketplace and documented in the main documentation https://docs.mendix.com/partners/siemens/3d-viewer/



Does anyone here knows if it is possible to implement complex app for 3d modelling using mendix? 

I mean application, with thewm we can save 3d  parts of models, like lego parts, and really construct some models using this application. So if we can build a app like studio from bricklink only using mendix?


Thank you in advance for any advice or answer