Microflow is not forwarding to a page

Hello all, I am facing issue in loading a page end of the microflow. In microflow I am sending list of values(select all button) around 30k records and this list  is tested against validations. Like any duplicates selected, whether they are already present in database etc(not committing anything to db). Validating these in batches so its working as expected. But after this, I am forwarding to a page which uses a data view(only one object) passed from this microflow. No other microflow is getting called on this page. Seems like Microflow is executing properly and logs are printed but after this browsers still shows its running and after sometime throws a message that error occured contact admin.No error thrown in console. Microflow is called asynchronously. I cannot do operations in background as user selects records for processing randomly from the front end. I tried using begin and end transactions, seems like not giving results. I tried removing the list of objects I passed in the beginning at the end of microflow thinking Client(browser) is having list which caused this problem. But that also did not work. I tried to refresh the object that I am passing to the page at the end of microflow. that also did not work. How do we make it work like as soon as logic finished, it forward to a page.? Any one faced these issues?  
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You can not keep that big list in memory. You need to solve this differently. You already working with batches so that is good. Create a helper object and attach all those objects in the batch to this helper object. In the form that you show also pass this helper object. There the user can enter it’s comments and click the proceed button. Then you can do a batch again on all those objects over the reference from this helper object.