Indication Data is saved

When a text- or input-box has the ‘On-change’ set to ‘Save’ (and ‘Close page’: no): How to show that ‘changed data’ has been safely stored in the db?   Is there a widget that will show a (non-interfering) popup/banner/header, when the user has changed the data in the field, to let the user know that the data he entered is now saved and he can close the window/browser/computer without losing his changes.    
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I have recently published a module that should allow for this scenario. Unfortunately, it’s still being reviewed for Marketplace publication but please see below:

Release SweetAlert2 Module v1.0.0 · imeidopf/mendix_SweetAlert2 (

This is a module that let’s you integrate the JavaScript library called SweetAlert2. There is some configuration needed within your project directory since Mendix doesn’t support JavaScript dependencies yet. Make your events fire nanoflows, use the javascript actions (or the nanoflows) included in this module to fire a toast (or modal) after your commit event. They are non-blocking, especially the toasts! Hope this helps you!

EDIT: Here is the link to the Marketplace page:


Hi Tim, I tried like this. I created a microflow with a input paramer(same object ) ,a show message activity and commit activity of this object. I called this microflow in the before commit event of the entity. Now I made a change in text box where I added a on change event selected as save changes. As soon as change event triggers, it call microflow ad show the popup. Please try this and let me know how do you feel about it.


I’ve never tried this and want to try and create this functionality as well for our existing applications. I’m not sure if there is an add-on that solves this for you, but how about this.

Create a new non-persistent entity “Toast” with two attribute, called “message” & “_Visible” and associate it to ‘Account’. In your master page-template include a dataview, over association to currentUser only showing the Message attribute and have the content only be shown when _Visible is true. Add some styling to, instead of next to the input, show it in a bottom corner (example).

Then for each OnChange event, add a submicroflow that GetOrCreates the Toast with ‘message’ input parameter, that updates the Toast Object with the input string given (I.e. “Your data has been updated.”) and setting ‘_Visible’ to true, including refresh. Since the message shown is what you put into the parameters, you can easily add context, such as “Your profile name has been updated to T.Steenbergen.”.

Then in that aforementioned dataview, add the MicroflowTimer add-on that, after 5000ms, changes ‘_Visible’ to false, to have the notification disappear. This countdown should be triggered by the previous object refresh.


I don’t consider this a very clean method, but it’s dynamic and easily re-usabe, albeit completely untested :)