Show alert dialog box on selection of a radio button value

Hi,  I have a radio button as follows Whenever the user selects ‘Yes’, I want to prompt a dialog box with some information to the user.   How can I create this alert for the user?   Thanks
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Yes we can do that by adding a microflow check in onchange event
1.Double click the radio button
2.In the Onchange event map the microflow which checks, is the value is "true"

$entity/attribute=true then show the popup page


Hey there,

from an UX point of view I would suggest showing the message directly below the radio buttons with a soft colored background with the text. This is an easy accomplishment with conditional visibility based on the radio button and a class or some styling within your project.

   background-color: //anything you want ;
   color: //anything you want ;
   width: 100%;
   height: auto;
   padding: auto;



Hi Shardul,

you can use on change event of radio buttons in which you can choose “show page” with validation message on it.