When sorting by the downloaded Excel file, the file is forcibly terminated.

Hii, Mx Expert, Excel download function is implemented using flatfileimporter and jxlser. The download file can be sorted by the Excel filter function, but if you perform ascending / descending sort in the download file, Excel will be forcibly terminated. Please tell me the countermeasures to avoid forced termination.   【Reference information】 1. Sort and execute clients by multiple models and versions.  ⇒Success cases exist depending on the terminal. 2. Copy all the downloaded data, paste it into a new book, and sort it.  ⇒Successful sorting.   Is error information mixed in the file in the download process?
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Hi Ichikawa-san,

It's hard to say without a little more information, but it's a jXLS issue and jXLSer doesn't seem to be involved.
jXLSer v1.1.0 uses the latest Jxls 2.10.0, so if you are using an older version, we recommend you to update it.
Of course, if you do so, please maintain userlib carefully while considering the consistency with other modules.