Implement a drop-down widget

Hi All,  I have created a drop-down widget containing an attribute of type ‘enumeration’ that has two enumeration values (e.g. High priority & low priority). I have a list of projects and each one has this Boolean attribute ‘Is High Priority?’ with default value as ‘No’. What I’m trying to do is sort a list of projects by selecting a value (High priority or Low priority) from the drop-down widget, but I’m not sure how to make the enumeration attribute ‘read’ the Boolean attribute defined on the project. I also expect the page to refresh in real time based on the value (High/Low) I select from the drop-down widget.  Do I need a microflow here? Please help.              
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Why not just show a grid with projects with the search always visible that shows this field? Because it will filter the grid based on this enum you choose. Or am I missing the point here?




Create a non persistent object with an attribute with the enum value. Retrieve the projects with the standard value of the enum and attach those projects to the enum and show those. Use an on change microflow on the enum to retrieve again the projects based on the value selected and attach those again.