Mendix Basic Plan

Hello,  I’m about to upgrade to use my 4 company apps. I see the one app and unlimited apps are 60 for 5 users I believe. I have about 5 users for each app. Will I have to pay for each app separately or all 4 will rolled into one price?
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Your options:

  • 200 euro per month: get 4 separate Basic apps, which will be 4x50 per month or
  • 200 euro per month: get 1 Basic app with 20 users which will be 50 per year + 15x10 euro per month.
  • 500 euro per month: get unlimited app a 25 per user, so 20x25 per month

All this is presented on

Cheapest is likely option 2, depending on the number of actual users. And making the choice between 1 or 4 apps also depends on the level of integration they need. If they share most of the data, you are more likely to benefit from one app. If their functionality differs a lot, you are more likely to benefit from separate apps.