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I am trying to use the Rating add-on widget so that users can click on it which then takes them to a page to leave feedback and an overall rating, but at the same time i want the widget to show the average rating for the object it references, however, it seems that if you want the widget to show a calculated amount you cant then interact with it, it can only be used to show the calculated attribute… Is there a way round this or is it just the way the widget works… It kind of makes sense that if you are using it to show a calculated attribute that you don’t want to have it editable\interactive at the same time...
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You can try something like this.


  1. Create a new attribute and call it Old_Rating and keep the rating from the user in New_Rating
  2. In the pop-up window add the rating widget and set it to be not editable and set the attribute of that to old rating


Now every time the page load the user will see the old rating and they can provide their rating in another star widget which point to the attribute new rating.

Now if they choose to submit, in the on click microflow, retrieve the value of the old rating and add the value of the new rating to calculate the new ‘old rating’.





Hope that helps