Issue regarding transient objects

Hi, You can see the domain model in the image below (I tried things with non-persistable entites as well). I have a page where the user inputs the values. As you can see there is no save button. I want to do some calculations based the values entered by the user. I have a “On-Enter key press” event that triggers a microflow (also shows below). The problem I am facing is, even though I am retreiving the object over association (I think it should be the current transient object), it fetches as empty object (microflow debugger window). Could anyone help me out here?
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I would check 2 things

  1. is the reference known in the AnodeSystem object? > open properties in the variables tab and see if an ID is known in the reference
  2. Does the user have read rights on the association? > if not then the reference is empty when object is used in the client.