System creates two objects instead of one

Hi, I am facing some wierd issue. As you can see in the images when I create an object of CertificationPlan, it creates two objects. One object as planned and the other one with two missing attributes. When I commit the object using the microflow, two objects get committed. One commited objects is as desired but interestingly the other object is missing an association which was there just before commiting the object (image). Could anyone tell me why this is happening and how can I solve it? Thanks
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Hello Manish,

The object you are creating in the microflow as shown has a commit action and will be available in database.

But you are creating this object based on parameters from another CertificationPlan? This is problably the object with the empty 2 columns and is not persisted in database (only instantiated) so when you open and cancel, a rollback will take place and thus deleting the instantiated object. 

If your grid is shown over assocation (or via datasource microflow with retrieve over association), instantiated AND committed objects will be shown. If you choose xpath or retrieve from database only persisted objects will be shown.