Excel Exporter Issue exporting via associations

I have an entity A which has many to one association with object B. Both are in different domain models. So B (One to Many) A is the relation. Now i have a data grid with source as microflow and it is retrieving columns which are from both A and B, i,e, Objects from A directly, and object which are derived from association between A and B. Now i need to add export to excel button in the grid such that it exports the data on the grid as it is. In the domain model which has object A, as per steps given in: Mendix Academy - 7.3.2 Entities, Microflows and Excel Template Configuration I create an excel doc object associated with object A. But in the column mapping in the worksheet definition, (Create a new Excel Export template) It is not allowing to retrieve the columns via A-B association,. I can only add columns from A, but for A-B if i select a reference, i do not get the columns. So the question is how do we retrieve from data grid via mcroflow,, where the columns are coming from both entities and associations.
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