Press Enter to submit log-in details.

I want to be able to allow the user to press ‘Enter’ in order to submit the credentials to the microflow. I have found that you can add On enter key press but that assumes the user still has the input element selected. Is there a work around for this or can keydown event listeners only be added to TextBox’s. Any help would be great, Thank you.
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Hi Anthony,

(Found the answer @ by Julio)

You can do this, by Adding a HTMLSnippet from MarketPlace.

Than will add a class for your password edit and signIn Button, set up the jQuery snippet like:

$(document).ready( function () { $(".searchBox").keyup(function(event){ if(event.keyCode == 13){ $(".searchBtn").click(); /Trigger the click action (search button) when user presses enter./ } }); });



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