How to export a filtered datagrid with the ExcelExporter module?

Hello everyone,   At the moment I have a custom button that exports all data that is configured to the datagrid (this use case doesn’t allow the default export button). However, this exports all data, instead of the filtered data, when filtered.  I can’t seem to find how I can make it so that only that which is filtered on the datagrid, is exported.   Thanks in advance
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Hi Keon,

It is not possible to get out the filtered data. If you need the filtered data, you have to use custom search concept.

  1. Create a search helper entity, associate with the main entity.
  2. In search helper entity add the search fields.
  3. In page, Have a data view for search helper and inside that have a list view with data source association Searchhelper_mainentity
  4. Have a search button in the dataview which calls a microflow that filters and sets the filtered data to association
  5. After that , while exporting, Retrieve $searchhelper/searchhelper_mainentity and use it for exporting.


Hope this helps!