Finish loading a page and run widgets after a while - microflow timer + container

Hi,   In order to show a page faster to the user I would like to be able to post-pone parts of the page to be executed later. For anything that can be done in a microflow I can use microflow timer but how can I do the same with widgets like pusher listen or google analytics?   I would like to be able to set an execution delay on a container and if the user still is on the page after the delay it should execute the content of the container. Has anyone done anything similar or at least have thoughts in this direction?   Kind regards Johan
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Maybe use the dataviewloader with the option to load on attribute?


This means, the dataviewload will be triggered once the attribute changes. Together with a microflow timer widget you can change the attribute value and load the data on the page.


We use the dataviewloader to show the page while some parts are still loading


(Never done this myself but it seems something worth checking out)