Pagination number to be editable

In data grid , we have option of pagination. So when user wants to navigate to next page that time pagination is used. My requirement is I want pagination editable like when the user inputs 15, it should redirect to 15th page. How can we make pagination editable ?   I have already checked for advance pagination but due to some restrictions will not be able to use that widget. Any other option to implement this scenario ?
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Hi Neha bit of a long winded process but…


You should be able to get somewhere with datagrid server side rendering


This will let you use the Mendix paging object that has page number attribute that you can then feed into your method of getting the data. Then have a text input for page number and after change event that commits and refreshes the object to refetch the data with the new page number.


You’ll lose a lot of built in functionality this way though and wouldn’t recommend it for development unless necassary.