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Hi there   would it be possible to use sub queries on an Excel export?  The use case we have is the following. We have requests with different approval levels. So, in one entity all approvals are stored for each request. In the excel export we would like to show the approvals in columns. So, with the use of sub queries this can be done I believe and not using templates. Is that a correct understanding? What is the recommended approach here? Thanks Felix
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Hi Felix Rijnvos,

You can achieve this in 3 methods,

  1. Using the datagrid Export To Excel button along with the search option on the datagrid based on the approval levels. Example below,


2.Using the Excel Export Module with the Excel Export template configured. Reference Links, 


In the Highlighted section you can apply your xpath query based on the approval level


3.Using the OQL Queries you can extract the required data in CSV file. Reference application. https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/66876    https://service.mendixcloud.com/p/OQL