Filtering Shared Ideas

Is there no option to filter out only the ideas created by people from a specific company?  I would like to browse all of the ideas shared by my colleagues.   
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I don't think there is any functionality to easily do this, so best to submit an idea. However, you can also use the Mendix Client API. When on (and logged in), inspect the page and  go to console and use:{
    xpath: "//Forum.Question[Forum.Author/Forum.User/Forum.User_Company/Forum.Company[contains(DisplayName, '{%YourCompanyName%}')]]",
    callback: function(objs) {
        objs.forEach(element => console.log(element.jsonData.attributes.DeeplinkUrl.value));

This will return all URLs for the Questions asked by your company. There is perhaps a cleaner or better way, but this is just a quick answer I've used before.


First question, why? Are you looking for a way to quickly upvote ideas ;)

Maybe best to submit the idea and share the link within your company to get it upvoted and it might get accepted by Mendix..