Alternative to call a nanoflow from microflow

Hi, I have a requirement to call a default login page after registering in my app. So basically, I have a registration page on which anonymous user register himself on the app. After registering I want to navigate again back to the default mendix login page.   What I have done: I have created a nanoflow on which I am getting the remote URL activity and so that nanoflow is basically helping me to get back to default mendix login page. But for registration I have a microflow, like once the user clicks on register button it triggers microflow and do the registration in microflow. And what I want is after the registration is done in microflow it should call a nanoflow so that it should automatically go to the default loin page.   If there is any other alternative I can do please help me with that.I do not want to hardcode the URL.  I have attached the screenshots of the micrflow and nanoflow. Nanoflow: Microflow:      
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There is a widget URL redirector which you can use. Place it on a page and at the end of the microflow you can then just show this page.