Header Sorting vs List Sorting (Bug?)

Hey community I have discovered some pretty weird functionality in Mendix. I'm using a DataGrid2 to display data and have header sorting enabled. The list looks like the following (sorted by "Name" DESC): When I click a row a popup opens which allows me to view some details for the entity and it allows me to navigate back and forwards through the list. The navigation is done by taking the same List of entities as in the DataGrid2, ordering it via the Nanoflow "Sort" Action, getting the currently viewed index and showing the next/previous entity in the sorted list. Now comes the strange part, in the picture above you see that Upper/Lowercase doesn't matter when sorting. It seems like Uppercase letters get converted to lowercase to be able to sort them by their ASCII value. However in the Nanoflow Action "Sort" this is not done and so my buttons navigate through a list which actually looks like this (sorted by "Name" DESC):   As you can see the Uppercase words are not sorted to the same Lowercase letter but to the end of the list, thatswhy my assumption is, that the header sorting converts the values to Lowercase, but the "Sort" action doesn't.   Does anyone know how can I fix this? I don't want to add a second attribute which then holds the Lowercase name/goal etc. because this would be needed for many fields and would produce a lot of unneeded data.
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