Im using the OQL module to get distinct values, why does it not work?

In my microflow below, I run a loop through some entity data to check for empty values and assign the records that are not empty to a list of the entity type. In order to use the OQL I deleted the objects from the original entity and commit the new list to it.  This is so that I can run the query on the entity data and retrieve distinct values. After retrieving distinct values, as you can see below I delete the temporary list and commit the new distinct list. Why do I get an empty list as output?     Query : 'Select DISTINCT region from MyFirstModule.RegionFilters'   changed microflow:  error :   log node: 
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Hi Priya,


For distict and some other operation you can also use my published module

also it doesnt need committed objects as well

just pass the list and name of attribute 'region'

Coming to your question in same microflow you are deleting and committing, so somewhere objects are not yet in database because microflow is still not complete and non empty list is still in memory

but without removing emoty objects and all try this

SELECT DISTINCT region FROM MyFirstModule.RegionFiltersWHERE region IS NOT NULL AND region != ''

this query will only take account non empty objects


Good luck!


Hi , 

can you paste screeshot of errors and microflow