Debug / Logger Function Performance Question

While doing performance analysis on my companys app, i noticed that a function taking up a lot of time in the JS CPU Profile was the "debug" function. I included an image (image A) below of the relevant information. Drilling down in to it shows me that the formatstring widget & ScrollLockHelper widget are involved. I'm curious as to whether or not it's the function/widget itself that is taking up time (in which case minimizing the use of these widgets may yeild a performance boost) or whether a "debug mode" of the function/widget is the cause of this heavy CPU load. I'm also curious as to whether the console debug statements tie in to this performance issue (image B below). On our main page we are loading a few thousand records in to a list view and there can be up to 5-7000 log statements. Drilling in to this even further I ended up in the mendix core JS file in a function called "mendix/logger" (Image C below). I'm not sure if there is a way to turn off the logger, or turn the debug mode for these widgets off, or even if that would increase performance, but any guidance on this issue would be appreciated.   Thank you, db   Image A Image B Image C
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Hi Dillon,

One of your app's widgets has a line in the postcreate function that is setting the log level to debug. It will be a line like this:

            // Uncomment next line to start debugging


I'm guessing the widget developer left this second line uncommented (might have been me!)