Popup Window Not Refreshing

I have a popup window for setting information about an appointment.  One of the features of this window is a set of action buttons formatted to look like check boxes.  When one of these unchecked boxes is clicked, a microflow is called that sets an enumeration value (and Refreshes in Client).  The enumeration value controls the display of the checked and unchecked action buttons...i.e. if Follow Up is the enumeration value, then the checked Follow Up action button is visible and the other two are not visible.  These action buttons are inside the red box in the screenshot below: The problem I have is that when this microflow is called and the enumeration value is changed, the display does not update accordingly.  If I then close and reopen the popup window, the correct checkbox is checked.  I have tried a number of different things to get these checkboxes to refresh correctly, without any success.  This page has a single dataview containing all of the elements on the page.  Any troubleshooting ideas for me?  Am I missing something obvious? Thanks in advance.
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Do you open this page via a standard edit button? I've had a similar issue in the past where opening a popup window via a standard edit button had some refreshing issues, however opening it through a microflow (simple ''show page'' microflow) would do the trick.