UNKNOWN LICENSE for the releases of many modules (e.g. reflection)

Hi, where can I find the information about the license chosen by the copyright holders for the modules offered on store.mendix.com? I have hopelessly failed to identify the release license of 'Mx model reflection' module, 'Deep link' module, 'Encription' module, 'Excel exporter' module, some other modules...   I noticed, that for some modules the license is clearly indicated; either written in the store's 'additional info' box (e.g. 'e-mail module with templates'), or available in the LICNESE.txt file in the root directory in the cases hosted on github or similar file-hosting site (e.g. 'community commons' libraries). How could I know the licenses under which the modules are released?  Thanks.
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The best way to get our community team to review the modules from Mendix and extend them with a license is probably through a ticket.

I can give you some clarification on this. As Mendix we'd like you to use all content we've published in as many projects as possible without forcing our partners&customers to make all their work publicly available. Therefore functionality develop will not be made available under a restrictive license as GPLv3 unless those components leverage something else that already has a GPLv3 license. I don't think an explicit decision has been made by Mendix community on what the standard license is, and so far we've been following the license model from the dependent libraries. 
However based on Mendix's view on the community I think it's likely to assume this to become ApacheV2.

  • 'Mx model reflection' module,
    No external sources are used in this module. Therefore Mendix will decide upon the exact license to be used for this, it will either become ApacheV2 or the MIT license. Basically you can re-use and customize, but you can't sell this as a solution.
  • 'Deep link' module,
    Uses libraries that have an ApacheV2 license, module will likely become ApacheV2 too.
  • 'Encription' module,
    Uses libraries from both ApacheV2 and MIT license, therefore this will likely be published as ApacheV2.
  • 'Excel exporter' module
    This module leverages the POI functionality similar to the ExcelImporter. Therefore this should mention the Apache V2 license 

That's peculiar, that information was always available in the appstore. When you publish an app you can select that. But no worries, is it mostly GPL or Apache. Commercial modules are not directly downloadable from the appstore.