Default value in datagrid searchfield filled when no default value is set.

Hi everyone,   I'm encountering a problem with the searchfields in some datagrids I'm using. The problem occurs when I return to a page with a datagrid, after I went to an edit page for the displayed entity in the datagrid. Consider the following situation: On my "Contract overview" page I show a datagrid with all relevant information for contracts. In the datagrid's searchfields (specifically a searchfield with a comparison not equal), a default value has been given for the contract's "Status", which should not be equal to (for example) "Unsigned". This way, all contracts that are not unsigned are shown. There is another searchfield for "Status" with an Equal comparison, which does not have a default value. So when opening the contract overview page, the datagrid only shows an overview of contracts that do not have the status "Unsigned". When I return to the contract overview after having gone to the edit page for a contract (either by saving the changes in the contract using a custom save button or abandoning the changes using a custom cancel button), the default value in the "Status" equal searchfield has been set to the default value from the "Status" not equal searchfield, while retaining the default value in the "Status" not equal searchfield. This results in having a filter for status that checks whether it is equal to unsigned and checks whether it is not equal to unsigned, effectively leaving me with no results. I've checked the microflows connected to the save and cancel buttons, but neither of them is setting any searchfield value to default. This appears to be a bug, as this is not the expected behaviour. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to look into the problem.   Kind regards, Mart Busger op Vollenbroek
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