Cloud Foundry Pricing confusion

Hi I have been devloping on the free tier of the mendix cloud. But I am now thinking of moving on ahead. But I am very cofused of the pricing of the services. I have to let my clients know a price for their app in order for me to continue. I have checked the PIVITOL, IBM, and HP clouds, but i am still confused. * The Pivitol does'nt have a price in their description, does that means it is free?? IBM BLUEMIX has a price; But is this price for ther server cloud only? and is this per session or user? And it says 30 days free. So I have to pay the amount mentioned after 30 days I guess. If so, where is the Mendix pricing? does that mean i have to pay the mendix pricing seperate? And I need to know this as it might pop up one day and ask me for payment.   * HP HELION, is more confusing.No pricing at all.   Most of all, I know that there is this MENDIX pricing;   So I am again confused. If I selected a CLOUD, say IBM. And then I have to pay MENDIX Pro price also? $1250.. ???   Can some one please point me in the correct direction? Regards Dilan
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Hi Dilan, 

Thanks for your post. To answer your question on pricing: The default deployment option is our public Mendix Cloud with a choice of two editions: Pro and Enterprise. Pro Edition starts at $1250 per month for an application with 50 users. Enterprise Edition starts at $1675 per month for same configuration. This includes the compute resources to run the app. Adding more users and apps will increase the price.

If your customer(s) prefer a private cloud deployment they have a choice of Cloud Foundry-based providers like IBM Bluemix, Pivotal or HPE. The Mendix pricing is identical to Mendix Cloud for users and apps, however the cost of compute resources comes extra. We are listed in the IBM Bluemix Catalog from where you can sign up for IBMs offering, Pivotal and HPE do not have such marketplace. 

Same applies for deployment in virtual private clouds at AWS or Azure under your customer's account. You will be charged for Mendix subscription + the cost of resources. We are listed in catalog / marketplace of both providers. 

The various deployment options are described on this page:


If you're interested in the exploring options for your customer(s), I suggest you ask for quote and we'll get in touch with you.

Hope this explanation helps.