Restarting an app on your mobile phone issue

When you log in to a Mendix application and kill the app by swiping the app we see some strange behaviour when you try to open the app again. On apple devices it is consistent and the login page is shown again. On android devices we see to different kind of behaviours. One is the same as apple and the login screen is shown while some other devices show the screen you saw when you hard closed the app but with half the css applied. Buttons look ugly etc. It looks like you are still loged in and even changing pages worked but without half the css. Anybody else seen this behaviour and has a sollution work around? In my opinion the user should have been logged out  and when starting the app again the login page should have been shown. Regards, Ronald  
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Is it an device running Android 4? We have seen similar problems (half CSS applied, not sure about the login), which were solved using the Crosswalk plugin.