Real-time updates to UI

I'm trying to build a dashboard that displays real-time updates to key metrics of the app. To that effect, I was wondering if Mendix provides a way to automatically refresh a web-page when the underlying data in the model changes? In so far, I'm using the Micoflow Timer widget that forces a page reload every N seconds/minutes, but was wondering if there's a cleaner way of accomplishing this?
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Hi Sid,  the Microflow Timer is exactly the widget you need. You can refresh a (non persistent) object with the values you need on your dashboard.

Another option is a Template grid with a refresh timeout;



One additional tool you could use is the Database Counter that you'll find in the app store.  This widget provides the ability to have key metrics on your page that are refreshed at an interval you determine.  The numbers update dynamically and you can specify XPath constraints to control what the counters measure.

Hope that helps,