different themes for desktop and mobile

Hi all, We are building a desktop app in Mendix. This has a corresponding desktop theme. Now we also want to give the users some mobile pages. these will be slimmed down and different page versions of the desktop. We also want to use a different theme for these mobile pages. So my question is, what is the correct way to use two seperate themes within a application. One theme for desktop usage and one for mobile usage.   Thanks, Martin
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Hi Martin,

There are thow ways to do this you can make a new theme with difrent CSS or SASS classes but this will take a lot of time. I also had this problem recently and there is a way to dynamicly adjust CSS according to the userrole or other data see this link

Pleas contact mee if you need more info on this topic.


Hi Amadeo,

Thanks for your reply.

Right now i'm thinking i prefer a totaly different theme for mobile.
We have custom theme for oure desktop application and i would like to use the Mendix standard theme as base for the mobile app.

i'm going to take a look at the video link.




are there no other prefered ways of doing this?