Cloud Error: Unable to run a hybrid app on a desktop.

Hi All,   I am attempting to run a fairly simple Mendix 7.2 app in the cloud.  It starts fine, but when I attempt to log in as MxAdmin I get the following error message:   May 31 10:59:24.207 - INFO - WebUI: Login OK: user 'MxAdmin' (Number of concurrent sessions: 4). May 31 10:59:24.886 - ERROR - Connector: Unable to run a hybrid app on a desktop. [User 'MxAdmin' with session id '6f7752c1-61d3-43ff-bcee-6935b14e28bf' and roles 'Administrator'] It seems like the application is attempting to launch a Hybrid Navigation profile.  However the only navigation profile I have configured is the default 'Responsive' profile.  I can't create a new desktop profile, obviously, so I am stuck and unable to log in.  Does anyone know what could be causing this? I am running 7.2 on a Mendix v3 cloud if that helps. Best, Rob
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I've also encountered this problem (but on Mx 7.3),i t can be fixed by clearing your browser cache. So it seems that somehow a cookie might be set requesting the wrong app-mode. I've made a support ticket about this issue.