Version 7x - date pickers

Anyone know of a datepicker that works with 7x and offers a good user experience for selecting years. The default picker only shows 3 years at one time and if someones birthdate is 1981, that's about 34 clicks. Users can manually enter a date but with no mask we find that they are entering invalid dates (dob = 01/01/1981 entred as 111981 ). Looking for ideas that work well for mobile and desktop.
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Hi Brian, you might consider a few options that you can implement easily without any custom widgets:

  • 3 fields approach:
    • a dropdown for months
    • 2 inputs for day and year
    • combine these on your back-end into a date using the parseDateTimeUTC function
  • Masked input box
    • This widget provides advanced masking capabilities where you could guide the user to type the date in a format like MM/dd/yyyy