Excel Export Appstor Module - export excel with each row showing multiple records

currently the XLSReport module from appstore export the data of an object into the excel but it take a single object. I would like to use this to simulate, the default Export To Excel(the grid button) functioality. I prepare a list of objects. pass to a logic which uses the exporting using predefined template and shows an excel filled with data representing the list of objects i passed. The object is straight forward plain entity not layered over association. Any ideas/hints will be appreciated? (dont want to go to a custom logic if something is already thought of)
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Appstore XLS reporter should also be able to export multiple rows, the single object you submit will need associations to the entity you need to export. Within the template you can select the correct associations. 

Another way, you can also create  non persistent object-entries using logic, which can be shown in a table grid, and exported using the default  'Export to Excel' functionality. But that requires one more extra click to export ;).