Team Server API - Retrieve revisions from branch

Hi everyone, We are trying to use Team Server API to get revisions of a branch by following instruction at: For the mainline, we have: it works well. However, for the branchs, for example: It doesn't work, and we got: { "errorMessage": "There is no branch with name 'branch_2'.", "errorCode": "BRANCH_NOT_FOUND" } Which is not correct since we check and the branch is there. Do you know if it's bug of Mendix or if we do something wrong?   Best regards,  
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I check my own project I am working on but I do get the branches and the revisions of the branches.

First retrieve the branches:


Then iterate over the branches and retrieve the revisions:

Note that you have to URL encode the branch name otherwise you get errors. This is nowhere in the documentation. I already filled a support ticket because I found multiple issues with the documentation. But I can only adjust the documentation if my questions are answered (about a wrong domain model for instance in the Mendix documentation).













We fould the issue.

The link should be: 

Thank you Ronald


Very weird!

We try all possibilities and till cannot make it works ( also tried to URLEncode the name). Ronald, could you try to call your Rest request to see if it still work?

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