Multi-Select Datagrid Search Fields on iPad

In one of my apps, I have a page with a datagrid that has multiselect search fields (standard out of the box search fields).  When this page is accessed via a browser from and iPad (Safari and Chrome behave the same), the multiselect fields do not function.  I can't select any search options and the list of options does not appear when I navigate to one of these search fields. Anyone else ever seen this?  Is this a know bug?  Any workarounds exist? Thanks in Advance Mike
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Indeed this is broken. I just did a little bit of debugging:

  • The widget sets up listeners for "keydown" and "mouseup" events where it probably needs to also listen to a touch event
  • Once the select box is open, it's supposed to listen for a click outside of the box to close it again. The widget listens to a "mouseup" event that happens outside the select box.


So I think those need to be swapped out for a different listeners or additional listeners need to be added in order to make this work.

If this is a critical and urgent need, we could probably devise a JS snippet that fills in the gaps and makes it work until the issue is rectified.