Field tabbing is not working as expected in Mendix 7.4.

After upgrading Mendix version from 6.9 to latest version 7.4, we observed that "Tab" key on keyboard is not taking user to next field.      Our analysis - Assume that we have a Dataview (DW1), ListView (LW1) and Dataview(DW2) configured on a page in sequence with one field in each view. If we place cursor on the field inside dataview (DW1) and press on tab, cursor is moving to field which is in DW2 instead of LW1.    Dataview have a Tab index setting on it but not list view. Could it be the reason for this issue?          Is this a known issue to Mendix?
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Hi Rupesh,



I have encountered the same and implemented a workaround (which could be used until the issue is permanently solved by Mendix):

1) Download the HTMLSnippet widget from the appstore

2) Place the widget on the bottom of the page with the listview

3) Change the Content Type property of the widget to 'Javascript'

4) Paste the following code into the widget**


-You need an element or container within the listview with CSS class 'display-item', or change the code snippet to use a different class. This is needed to check if the entire listview is loaded, before setting the tab-index to 0 on all listviews.

-The HTML snippet content is a translatablestring, so be sure to set the code for all languages you are using in your application

mx.addOnLoad(function() {
            var elem = document.getElementsByClassName("mx-listview-item");
            for (var j = 0; j < elem.length; j++) {
                elem[j].setAttribute('tabindex', 0);

    function(){ //check if all is ready
              var lvExists = !!document.querySelector(".display-item");
              if (lvExists) { return true;} else { return false; }


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Hi Rupesh,

this is a know issue and a ticket has already been created for it