Open a PDF document inside a window in mendix..

Hi.. I have made some reports in my project with document templates.. They are really good and working fine.. But as you know they are always opening in New browser Windows.. I was wandering if there is a method to open the created PDF within a window in mendix?? If that is possible, what approach should I use? And would I be able to print the document somehow?  If this possible, then the applications created will be more professional and user friendly as some browsers block popups, and have configure not to block pop ups each time I give a new application to a new customer. Sometimes we work on outsourcing and the customer has to be taught to configure it by themselves and it is a hassle..
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There is a widget in the appstore that allows you to display your documents inside your forms: the document viewer widget.

I do not know of a out of the box widget for printing directly. However you can use the javascript print function to print the entire page. It is also possible (with a bit of javascript) to print specific parts of the page (see: stackoverflow thread). You could use the html snippet widget to include some custom javascript.