Forgot password on telephone

Hi guys, I picked up user story about 'Forgot password' functionality. Product owner specified that this functionality should work via SMS (Not via email).  For example, If I forgot password, I click on the link 'Forgot password?' after I need to enter my phone number. After that, code (that consist for example 4 digits) was sent to my telephone via SMS, and when I enter that code I could change my password. Forgot password module couldn't help me at all.  So do you have some advice how to preform this task?  Kind regards, Aleksandar  
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Hi Aleksandar,

There are some modules available in the app store that can connect to SMS services:


You will have to create your own version of or edit the forgot password module to add the page to enter the phone number.

But as Rom also mentioned, these services are not free. But if the business case is required by the customer, then that shouldn't be a problem.

Good luck.