Double clicking a Chart JS datapoint runs the resulting microflow twice

I'm using an On Click Datapoint Microflow in Chart JS. It opens a popup page. If I click on it once, it works fine. If I double click, the popup opens twice.  I've tried Save a non-persistent object with a datetime stamp, associated with the object you are working with for every click. In the onclick MF check whether there is already such a non-persistent object. Depending on the time interval between the two clicks you can act accordingly as stated here: Result: no change Set the default button trigger to double-click. This worked for me in another context but there is no such option in Chart JS. Result: not available Set a blocking progress bar. This also worked for me in a different context but Chart JS doesn't have this option. Result: not available Perform a blocking Show message action at the beginning of the microflow. Result: Two blocking messages. Use the Delay action from Community Commons set to 1000 milliseconds in combination with solution 1. Result: Popup forms take longer to open and they both open at the same time I think Solution 1 should have worked, especially in combination with Solution 5, but it seems the microflows from both clicks are being executed at the same time and the non-persistent objects are not being updated until the end. I found the following related posts: Is there something else I should try?
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Can't you set the concurrent execution to Yes?

It requires you to execute a microflow on the ''second click'' but you can just attach a microflow that does not do anything.