Edit Permissions And User Roles at run time?

Hi  I want to Edit the Permissions and the User Roles for modules and pages at run time ? What should I do? * Using the system database * Using the Mendix SDK . * OR another thing? Please advice!
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You cannot change the default settings of the userrole/module role access rules.

If you want a administrator function to handle certain settings, this will result in an own built solution. i.e. a config entity with enum type attributes with values; read, write and none. Config page for the administrator, where these values can be set for a group or single account.


Hi Abdalhadi,

I'm not how far the Mendix SDK would support what you want. From what I know you can only read/write objects, so not create entire new module roles or such. But I would never directly use the system database. The last thing is very error-prone with id's and such.

Maybe this widget would help you to achieve what you want.