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I am very new to Mendix. I am trying to create a tabbed navigation for master detail views. For example: Customer as header in the top and all child entities like Opportunities, Orders, Cases etc as detail view but in tabbed navigation. Any ideas how we can do this? I tried using Data View for parent and Data grids for child but when associate this to navigation tree then I am getting an error.
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Just re-reading your response - sorry I didn't catch this earlier.

You can't use a page that requires a context object from Navigation.  In your case, Mendix needs a Customer object to be passed to the master detail page you have created.

You can accomplish this in a few different ways in Mendix:

  • Create a page with a datagrid of customers.  On this grid, add an action button (or edit button) that opens the master detail page you referenced.  In this way, the customer will be the selected row in the datagrid
  • On your master detail page, use a microflow as the source for your Customer dataview.  In the microflow, retrieve the currently logged in user (which should be a Customer) and return that Customer object from the microflow.  Note: this approach only works if you give access to this page only to customers.

Hope that gives you some pointers.



Did you try the Tab Container?  You can place it inside your dataview and display different detail information on each tab.



Thanks Mike! I did try that. The issues is when I am trying to associate the view to navigation menu then I am getting error as it is expecting Object type customer which is not available.