Datagrid tooltip behaving erratically

I've been noticing some very strange behaviour of the standard, built-in datagrid tooltip functionality. This is in 7.10.0, but could very well be present in earlier versions, too. The size of the tooltip window is ultimately decided by whatever code is used to render it. Yes, I can influence the size of the containers inside of it, which in many cases pushes the size of the actual tooltip window out, as well. However, it seems that something in the code is trying to prevent the tooltip window from growing bigger than your screen, but it does so incorrectly. Example: the further down a datagrid I go, the smaller the tooltip window. Everything inside still loads, but the tooltip is forced to a smaller size (with a scrollbar inside). Move the mouse cursor away and back again, and voila, suddenly it realises there's no problem after all. From one mouse-over to the next you might have two completely different tooltip sizes. Try as I might I cannot seem to influence this behaviour. Does anyone have any idea how to get the tooltip to render in a completely fixed, stable size every time?   EDIT: So I was able to resolve this by applying a max-height of 'none' to the mx-tooltip content (with !important tag). It seems the script which determines the position and size of the tooltip tries to determine the maximum height itself but doesn't do so correctly in some cases, restricting the height of the tooltip even when there is still sufficient space left.
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Have not seen this in 7.8 or 7.9. Neither in 7.10. in a just now created testapp.

In the release notes of 7.10 there is no mention of any tooltip.

Questions: does this happen in a specific browser or in any? have you used any template to create this app, are you using the Atlas UI?

And a guess: this might be a bug that Mendix needs to fix.



Not sure if this something new in Mendix or if you are using a widget from the app store. You can try out this widget though. I've used it a couple times and its worked well