Can Mendix supply a FTP server on my Production Server hosted in the Mendix cloud.

Hi,   Can Mendix supply a FTP server on our Production Server hosted in the Mendix cloud. We create a html file in mendix but cant show the file directly in mendix as it has a mixture of html and javascript. We can however push this file to a FTP server and view it with the normal iframe in mendix. The tokens for this html file expire in 5 minutes so we have to recreate the file each time we want to view it. So ...for speed and security purposes it would be great if the "FTP Function" or even just a folder that can be reached by a url, can be situated on your cloud node. Regards, Patrick
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No, because you would need to open ports etc. something that you do not want. From the Mendix side you can only retrieve using the SFTP module from the appstore. You can with Java reach a tmp directory in the cloud where you can do stuff. But I am not sure if you could create an URL to a file in this place. You might want to search in that direction to find a solution.





Thanks Donald


We saved or replaced the file in the web directory with a custom java action and pointed iframe to it.


This works well and is fast!