7.12 Modeler Toolbar Buttons ?

I just upgraded an app to 7.12 - I really like the new UI look and feel. I do have one question.  Here is the toolbar from 7.11 (and all prior versions I have used) And here is the toolbar from 7.12 Is there any way to add Save, Save All, Undo and Redo to the 7.12 toolbar?  Adding another click (or keyboard combination) for those items will add quite a bit of time to my work - I use these buttons often. Any pointers or suggestions are welcome!
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FYI: I've posted a full heads-up post in the related Idea forum item (https://forum.mendix.com/link/ideas/595).

We will introduce the Save, Save all, Re-do and un-do buttons again in an upcoming release. Based on the community feedback we understand that in some cases Mendix users prefer to use the button because this is the fastest way when using the mouse.


Background information:

We've removed the button toolbar because we want to provide additional real-estate for the editors in the modeler and we see the industry trend that more and more these buttons are removed from apps. Because most users use the short cuts for speed and convenience.




The same question got asked by my work colleagues.

Best to use the keyboard short cuts.

ctrl + s / ctrl + shift + s/ etc


It will be great to have the standard toolbar back!  Is there any compelling reason for removing “Save”, “Save All” buttons?